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Service Plans...

The purpose of a service plan, much like IEP goals, is to find out what you objectively don't know including, the need to develop soft skills and successfully negotiate for services with a school district. I tailor a strategy and provide hard copy materials as a resource specific to your situation and child(ren).

If you have concerns and questions like these:


Who are the collaborators in the ARD meeting?

How do I work around difficult people?

Am I being "gas-lighted"?

What's unique about my school district?

What should the school be doing to remediate my child's disability?

I don't understand the legalese

I don't know my rights and what is available to me as a parent

How do you write goals?

I don't believe the data-reporting

Can the school work with my child's private therapist?

How is an IEP in Texas different than an IEP from another state?

We address them together.

The process:

During a 4 month period, we work on relevant aspects of educational programming and your ability to make requests for services and supports that will be accepted and implemented. This is in addition to usual advocacy services such as ARD meeting participation, communication and strategy developed for you.

At the end of 4 months, we reassess your needs and either continue with a plan option, or move to an as needed basis.

Master your goals:

Become the advocate you want to be, gain control over the direction of your child's life. Let's get started!