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Parents should exercise judgment and due diligence when selecting evaluators for their child.


Licensed Psychologists:


May, or may not*, conduct IEEs ‘at public expense’

Melissa Bunner, Austin Neuropsychology,, 512-637-5841

*Amy Brown, Sound Mind Psychology,, 512-238-3042

Alexandra Hudson, Round Rock Child Psychology,, 512-586-9905

Jennifer Carter,, 512-779-3859

Laura Frame,, 512-222-8339


Gracie Reyes-McDonald,, 281-815-0899

Laura K. Eskridge,, 281-816-6056


Marilyn Monteiro,, 214-363-7004

Jennifer Morrison,,

Speech/occupational/Dysgraphia Therapy:

Brooke Radabaugh- Capital Therapy Group,, 512-331-4115

Capital Area Speech and Occupational Therapy, 512-250-8706

Big Sky Pediatric Therapy-, 512-306-8007

Cutting Edge Pediatric Therapy-, 469-675-3153 (Dallas, Houston & Katy)

Dyslexia/Certified Academic Language Therapists: directory

Functional Behavioral Assessments:

Inspire Behavior,, 512-260-4124 (Pamela White)

Sandbox ABA,, 512-524-1374

Positive Behavior Supports Corp.,, (855) 832-6727 (Amber Lindeman) statewide

Family Attorneys:

Jodi Lazar,, 512-477-1600

Virginia Spencer,  M.Ed.,

(630) 251-5658

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