Parent Training & treatment for your child's antisocial behavior

Are you paying attention to good behavior, or reacting to bad behavior? Spending weekends navigating conflict, or taking calls at work regarding your child?

In 12 weeks, you will learn how to:

 - communicate effectively without becoming emotional

 - incentivize positive behaviors in your child.

 - model effective parent skills including: antecedents, simulation, shaping and jump-starting.

 - assess your skills across settings and apply them based on your child's traits.

 - handle low-rate dangerous behaviors.

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"Virginia helped me focus on what my daughter was going right and my need to prompt her declined significantly." BB. IL

"My son's behavior regressed, but within a week he stopped challenging me." EL OR

"We realized that we had fallen into a negative pattern and needed to praise our son for what he was doing right, instead of punishing him for what he didn't do." JB. VA

"After a month, my son sat quietly on the couch during family time and didn't interrupt adult conversations." SS. NY

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