Parent Coaching Programs

Parent Coaching:


Are you paying attention to good behavior, or reacting to bad behavior? Spending weekends navigating conflict, or taking calls at work regarding your child?

In your weekly coaching sessions you will learn to pay positive attention to your child and create compliance, ability to "wait" and resilience. 

Program Deliverables:

You will learn effective communication skills with an experienced, highly qualified coach that produce positive behaviors in your child.

You will learn a variety of techniques to implement over 6 months including: antecedents, simulation, shaping and jump-starting.


You will learn how to assess those skills across settings and apply them based on your child's traits.

You will know how to advocate for strategy maintenance outside of the home (i.e. school)

You will know how to leverage your knowledge.

Contact me to discuss your needs and program and payment options

Virginia Spencer,  M.Ed.,

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