Coaching for Adolescents

Readiness Screening

The purpose of screening is to determine if both parent & child are ready for coaching:

* do you both want the service?

* can the parent support the plan?

* is the child able to engage fully?

This is an important consideration in moving forward as the coaching relationship will be directly with the child.

Sometimes,  a therapist may be an important factor in how successful coaching will be. 


Personal Coaching Agreements:

The ADHD Coach Individualized Improvement Plan!

Let your child design goals and action steps with my & parent help.

Long-term goals need action steps, or mini-goals with coach accountability built in. Again, this is a customized plan that is relevant to your child's areas of difficulty: school issues, time management for example; areas that the child is interested in improving.

Celebrate small successes with rewards and keep moving forward!

Help your child develop skills that will result in confidence-building benefits.

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