Coaching for Adolescents

Readiness Screening

The purpose of screening is to determine if both parent & child are ready for coaching:

do you both want the service?

can the parent support the plan?

is the child able to engage fully?

This is an important consideration in moving forward as the coaching relationship will be directly with the child.

Sometimes,  a therapist may be an important factor in how successful coaching will be. 


Personal Coaching Agreements:

Let your child design goals and action steps with my & parent help.

Long-term goals need action steps, or mini-goals with coach accountability built in. Again, this is a customized plan that is relevant to your child's areas of difficulty: school issues, time management for example; areas that the child is interested in improving.

Celebrate small successes with rewards and keep moving forward!

Help your child develop skills that will result in confidence-building benefits.

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