Creative Answers to Special Education Problems

"My  child's school refuses to change services, and there's been no progress." 

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We can reinvent the conversation about your child with disabilities so that school personnel take ownership and pride in providing an appropriate program. If you need anything from a review of school paperwork to representation at hearing, you are in the right place. Just ask my clients...

"Virginia was the game changer in making things right for our son and his challenges with school. We did everything that we thought we were supposed to do, but soon discovered that it was way more complex. We were completely lost in the shuffle of the system, knowing our rights, and stress of the unknown. Virginia was able to point out things we would never have known about, explain it clearly, and hold everyone accountable in this journey. We trust her emphatically and consider her a part of our family and close circle. We could not have made it to where we are in support of our child without her."  KC (Austin)

"Virginia Spencer was wonderful to work with. She went above and beyond to help my child. If it weren't for her expertise, we would not have been successful in my child's placement. She came up with ideas that I never would have thought of. She is truly amazing, I highly recommend her." AK (Houston)

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How can Parent Management Training (PMT) help me?

"I'm caught in an endless cycle of screaming and pleading with my child, what can I do to change this?"

Learn to help your child with effective strategies based on a science-based parenting program that has an 80% success rate. Working with you one-to-one to find, and strengthen, your child's motivation, increase good behavior,  maintain change over time. 

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Your child may be impacted by the challenges of ADHD, ODD Anxiety or Conduct Disorders. Defiance in young children can be addressed before it becomes a conduct disorder. If it is not addressed, you may experience a discipline spiral. Don't wait until high school to address self-control and performance issues.


Put your child in a good position to succeed at home and school by practicing and developing behavior management techniques. No more walking around on eggshells at home, or in-school suspensions. Read about PMT:

It is never too late to change. Call me today for information on the PMT Program.

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