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Services for parents of children with disabilities in Central Texas

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Is your child is receiving a Free Appropriate Public Education? Let me help you make sure this is happening. Find out if your child is being provided with an educational benefit, and equal access, in the Texas public school system today.

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Services for Families

Parent Advocacy & ADHD Coaching

Special Education

Become the Advocate you want to be

Take out the guesswork

Are you trying to protect the school-parent relationship but feel overwhelmed at ARD/IEP meetings? Let's bring a plan to the table.

Prepare for the long-term

Influence and control possible outcomes

When negotiations are at an impasse, let your experienced Advocate be the source of advice for choosing and navigating the next step to resolve disagreements.

Get ready for independence

Transition planning

Is your child ready for college or employment? Obtain the tools and knowledge and set your child up for a successful adult life.

What is an ADHD Coach?

Realize goals through change

Advocacy is a skill, but ADHD coaching is focused on an individual's sustained cognitive, emotional, and behavioral changes that facilitate goal attainment - in life and work.

Are you, or your child, "stuck" and unable to move forward?

"ADHD Coaches are, first and foremost, trained life coaches who endorse and accept the coaching paradigm of the International Coach Federation (ICF), and who additionally have specific training in coaching people and/or groups affected by ADHD" - (ACO)


Ask me if you can benefit from this service. Choose a coach whose training meets the professional standards of the ICF.

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All people are a work in progress...

"Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts."

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